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My name is Sebastian Schulz. Welcome to my homepage.

After the media design apprenticeship for digital and print media (operating) and upon completion of community services (in lieu of military service) I continued on my path to gather media design experience.

During this period I discovered my affinity to source code. Since October of 2012 I have been studying "Digitale Medien" at the Department of Applied Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda.

During my studies I benefit greatly from my experiences in regards to a variety of different courses, such as "Computer Graphics" and "Programming".

As a tutor I get to pass on my knowledge and abilities with coursework for Programming 1 and 2 and as an instructor for Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator.


Since 2013 I have been part of a variety of projects:
 • Snake 3D
   (webGL project)
 • xkfd
   (XNA project)
 • Sebixolar
   (Processing project)

Snake 3D is a webGL game, produced within the framework of the course "Computer Graphics".
You can control the snake by pressing the cursor keys or W-A-S-D and the world cube by dragging the mouse.

Snake 3D
on Youtube
on Github

We created "xkfd" as a part of the elective "Development of Computer Games". This platformer XNA game is able to interpret songs.

on Youtube
on Github

I developed Sebixolar during the second semester after visiting an introduction workshop about Processing.
You can navigate through and explore our solar system and gather information about the planets and moons.

on Youtube

Sebastian Schulz